It's Chili Out!

When the weather gets cold and crappy I always want to cozy up on the weekend, watch a movie, and eat a warm bowl of soup or chili. And, since I’ve made several soups recently, this weekend I thought I’d make chili; a lovely bowl of bean chili that is light but also warm, soothing, and filling.

Tater and Veggie Breakfast Hash

Breakfast is usually a fairly unremarkable meal for me even though it is my most favorite meal. Go figure… But, on occasion, I get all motivated and actually cook something! This morning, I whipped up a fantastic potato and veggie hash.

Sweet & Spicy White Sweet Potato Soup

I’ve never had white sweet potatoes before and don’t cook with the more common orange variety much as the husband is not a big fan. But, as it’s soup season, and I was in the mood to try something new, the husband acquiesced and we made the purchase.