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Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

The next time you happen to be breezing through Amsterdam and are craving some mind-blowingly-amazing junk food do not pass up the chance to pop into Vegan Junk Food Bar. It's an entirely plant-based, 3-location establishment that will, almost literally, knock your socks off. The husband and I were there in July of 2017. I would fly for 7 hours just to eat here again—no problem.

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The top of this post shows the front of the Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam location (borrowed from their website). I didn't remember to snap a pic while there as I was in a blissful little food coma (see photo above) :-)

The husband and I ordered far more food than we were physically prepared to eat. This was not a mistake however as it's well known that any calories consumed on vacation do not actually exist therefore they do not count. 


What you see here is the NOTORIOUS SUMO burger. This is a burger that I dream about. The double plant-based beef, cheddar, fried onion rings, lettuce, tomato, red, spring & fried onion mix, pickles, jalapeños, and VJFB sauce make for a warm and savory flavor explosion that I can hardly describe. It must be experienced. Those fab little cigar-shaped, deep fried, rolls of yumminess are MEDITERRANEAN SPRINGROLLS; a tempting treat of soya based cheese and spicy chili sauce.


The fries were golden, potato-y goodness with a side of garlic dip. I'm sure I we were sporting some rank dragon breath after this meal but I couldn't have cared less. In fact, the husband and I loved our meal here so much we went back two days later for another attack on their menu. It did not disappoint.



De Culinaire Werkplaats, Amsterdam

De Culinaire Werkplaats, Amsterdam