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Dottie's Donuts, Philadelphia

Dottie's Donuts, Philadelphia

It's a good thing that Dottie's isn't close enough for me to walk to. If it were, I'd easily have rotted all my teeth away by now and ruined every evenings' dinner plans!

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Today's selection included vanilla with blueberry filling (top left), chocolate with pretzels (top right), matcha pistachio (bottom left), and Thai tea (bottom right). 

The blueberry donut left me speechless. Some may have thought we were keeping farm animals in our yard… I stand by my noises. The filling was sweet but with enough acidity (lemon I’m guessing) to cut through it in just the right way. Honestly, I’d eat it with a spoon and no shame at all. The vanilla of the actual donut was a nice balance to the filling and gave me a bit of nostalgia to my childhood summer with my grandmother baking in the kitchen.


My second favorite was the Thai tea. This is a flavor they have pretty on the regular. And I get it pretty on the regular. The frosting has this amazing floral aroma to it that is so inviting and the flavor moves just past something that I think I’m familiar with but not so far that I keep trying to guess the specific flavor combination.

There is not a thing that I have gotten from Dottie's that I have not enjoyed—even the chocolate flavored ones and I don’t like chocolate. GASP, I know, how could I not like chocolate??? I don’t know what to tell you.... I’ve never liked it and you can’t make me like it.

I even enjoyed the briefly seen sriracha mac and cheese filled donut. Yes, it was weird; yes, it was also amazing. Each of their creations are wonderful experiments in visual intrigue, enticing aroma, and unexpected flavor. 

The thing about Dottie’s is that they don’t pull that crap where they just pile a bunch of candies on top of a plain donut and call it a the cat’s meow. Dottie’s is the kind of place that makes every flavor interesting and original. Even the ones that you might think are a bit more on the traditional side. Take, for instance, their apple fritter. Yes, you’ve seen apple fritters before. But have you seen an apple fritter that is vegan and also dense and buttery with just the right amount of sweetness to leave you wanting more but not so much that it makes you pass up housing the entire thing? I think not.

And sure, you might think: “How could vegan donuts be any good? What are they even made of?” Well, I’m here to tell you that they are exceptionally good and they are made of the same things every other donut is made of—they just get those things from plant sources rather than animal ones. And hey, how could anyone be mad about delicious donuts no matter what they happen to not be not made of?

ALL HAIL DOTTIE’S DONUTS for providing donuts to people with allergies, religious restrictions, health concerns, etc.

Dottie's original location is at 4529 Springfield Ave. in Philly. They've recently opened a new location at 509 S 6th St. I'm so very excited about this! And if you’re as excited as I am you can find them here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dottiesdonutsphl/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dottiesdonuts/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottiesdonuts



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