Creating easy #vegan recipes that use ingredients you already have and aren’t fussy. Want to collaborate or sponsor? Email: aforkfullife@gmail.com

My name is Lisa A. Weir and I began my plant-based/vegan lifestyle back in 2014 and have taken my husband along for the ride! 

I was already an enthusiastic cook before going vegan so pivoting to vegan cooking was somethign that I really wanted to do. There are so many vegan alternatives to commonplace grocery items that I was able to continue to eat and cook the same types of foods that I'd already been accustomed to. Additionally, since eating out as a vegan comes with fewer options, I was introduced to a wide variety of foods and flavors that I'd never tried before.  

The husband and I love to entertain and spend time with friends at events or concerts. Because cooking for others brings me a special joy—and always has—I saw no reason why I shouldn't continue to do so following my vegan transition. At each event we hosted or attended I'd whip up some new type of delicious plant-based treat. And, as so many of my omni friends were amazed and delighted at the meals and snacks I created, I decided to create a blog to share my recipes with anyone that might be interested in a plant-based lifestyle.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, I'm always looking to collaborate with local people/sponsors. If you’re a fellow vegan or plant-based food lover and want to contribute recipes I’d love to feature you.

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